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Fifth Conference of the Russian Society of Nanotechnology

 The fifth conference of Russian Society of Nanotechnology will be held on December 1-16 2013

The conference will consist of two parts:

  1. The scientific part of the conference will be divided into thematic sections . Presentations and discussion will be published online from 1 to 13 of December, in partnership with the publishing agency "Practice"
  2. Organizational and plenary part by the established tradition will held on December 16 in Moscow, in the large conference room of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation. Moscow, ulica Miusskaya, 7, bild.1. Beginning at 11:00 am

The results of the conference will be published in the conference proceedings. In future, selected papers will be published in special collection of peer-reviewed articles.

Key dates:

November 20 - Submission of abstracts for publication , the volume of up to 2 pages, see template attached.

November 22 - final program of the scientific part of the conference.

December 16 - organizational and plenary part of the Conference.

All suggestions, comments , questions about the Conference, as well as abstracts of papers please mail to

You can also ask by phone +7-916-674-13-28 .

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Receipt for payment org . fee (. pdf)

XXI International Conference
The interaction of ions with the surface ( VIP 2013 )

From 22 to 26 August 2013 in Yaroslavl State University . PG Demidov was 21 International Conference " Interaction of ions to the surface " ( VIP- 2013 ) . The conference was attended by over 160 people from 27 countries. Was heard 63 invited lectures, oral presentations and 115 poster presentations presented . Some new experimental and theoretical results obtained in the leading laboratories in the world . Opened the conference with the local organizing committee chairman of the YSU Rector Prof. A. Rusakov .

Along with renowned scholars such as D. Kolligon (England ), C. Winter ( Germany ), A. Ito ( Japan) , J. Malherbe ( South Africa), and others , the reports presented about 30 undergraduate and graduate students from Russia , Ukraine , Austria and South Africa. Experts in the field of physics of the interaction of accelerated ions with the surface, in particular Flyura Dzhurabekova ( Nordlund ) and Kai Nordlund from the University of Helsinki and John Kolligon the University of Manchester , noted the very high level conference and presented results.

Conference participants were offered a rich cultural and excursion program , which included a walking tour of the city of Yaroslavl, visiting museums and historical and cultural center Vyatskoe . Active participation in the conference and took hold of her teachers, students and graduate students of YSU Faculty of Physics them . PG Demidov.

Press about us

Came anniversary , 50th issue of cognitive scientific journal " Science First Hand » («Science first hand») № 2 ( 50) of 2013. At issue is 8 thematic scientific sections , one of which is "Science in Pictures" . In this section the materials nachno and artistic creativity of our employees of the Center.

Press about us

The second issue of the magazine YarSU "The area of science." The issue is devoted to the physical faculty of YSU . In it you can learn about the scientific achievements of the University and , in particular, the success of the NBI " DMNS " and the implementation of the educational program "Electronics and Nanoelectronics ".

Scientific Seminar

July 2, 11:00, Znamenskaya Tower (4th floor)

Seminar «Superconducting nanostructures - a key to unlocking the high-temperature superconductivity?» by prof., Dr.Sci. Yugay Clement Nikolayevich (Omsk State University)

Organizers: Department of Physics YSU, Department of Microelectronics, Department of nanotechnology in electronics, the Center for Science Facilities Sharing «Micro-and nanostructures diagnostics».

Target audience: teachers, staff Yad IPT, graduate students, and students.

Expected to translate
Internet broadcast

The meeting of the plenum Educational - Methodical Council (EMC) in Physics

The next meeting of the plenum EMC in Physics Teaching - methodological association (TMA) of Classical University Education of the Russian Federation was held on 14-17 May 2013 in P.G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University.


XXI International Conference
The interaction of ions with the surface (ISI 2013)

Conference "Interaction of ions to the surface" is a traditional conference on fundamental and applied aspects of the processes occurring during ion bombardment of solids. The period of the Conference is two years. The first conference was organized in 1971 by Ya.M.Fogel in Kharkov. Then the conference held in Moscow, Kiev, Minsk, and since 1991 - in the town of Zvenigorod.

21th International Conference "Interaction of ions with the surface of 2013" will take place Yaroslavl on August 22-26. The conference will be held in P.G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University

The Conference official website

Press about us

«Интеллект & Технологии» № 1 (5) 2013

Materials telling about the successful integration of educational and research activities in Yaroslavl State University named after P.G. Demidov were published in the scientific and technical journal "Intelligence & Technology» № 1 (5), 2013, published by the JSC "RTI" ("The new knowledge of the ancient city").

The visit of Mikhail Kovalchuk

September 26, 2012 director of the National Research Centre "Kurchatov Institute", Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Mikhail Valentinovich Kovalchuk visited the Yaroslavl branch of IPT. During the visit, Michael Valentinovich observed Center for science facilities sharing "Micro- and nanostructures diagnostics" (CFS MNSD) and gave the lecture to the students of Yaroslavl State University and staff of the Yaroslavl branch of IPT with the topic “CONVERGENCE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY "from non-life to the living".


Russia Top 100 universities and scientific research institutes

Yaroslavl Branch of the Institute of Physics and Technology Russian Academy of Science won the contest "Russia Top 100 universities and scientific research institutes."

Диплом лауреата конурса

Results of the contest and awarding ceremonies was held during the VI All-Russian Conference "Problems and prospects of higher education and science of the Russian Federation" in St. Petersburg June 30, 2012.


Conference Proceedings

Our Center was one of organizers International Conference on Modern Problems in the Physics of Surfaces and Nanostructures Yaroslavl, 23-25 May 2012, which was located at Hotel “Park Otel Yaroslavl


Unique analytical equipment waits for the operators!

СTraining courses (72 hours) in the field of electronics and microelectronics held in the Center for science facilities sharing "Micro- and nanostructures diagnostics" (CFS MNSD) for undergraduates of Yaroslavl State University, Yaroslavl State Technical University, staff of the Institute for the Development of Education and other customers. The program was implemented under the agreement with Yaroslavl region Government and "RUSNANO".


КProgram Coordinator Alexander Sergeyev phone. +7-910-972-17-23, +7-920-653-65-82,

For information on the successful completion of the course can be found on the website of the newspaper Yaroslavl Region and RUSNANO.