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General information about the Center

The Facilities Sharing Centre "Diagnostics of Micro- and Nanostructures" (FSC DMNS) was established at the Yaroslavl State University (YSU) November 1, 2006 by Order No 382, the decision of the Academic Council of YSU 24.10.2006.
Center is part of the National Nanotechnology Network.

General information (.pdf)

Center Development Program 2012-2016 (.pdf)

The Center participates in the activities of federal target programs:

    • Research and development of in priority fields of scientific and technological complex of Russia for 2007-2012.
    • Scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff of innovative Russia.
    • The development of nanotechnology infrastructure in the Russian Federation in 2008-2011.

    The center is located on the area of about 1000 square meters, total number of personnel is 49 people, including 12 doctors of sciences, 14 PhDs, four postgraduates, 12 students.

During 2008 - 2012 the amount researches of the Center was 347.856 million

A.A. Orlikovsky

Director of the Center,
Director of IPT

А.С. Рудый.jpg

Deputy director of
the Center, Director of
Yaroslavl Branch of IPT
Professor A.S. Rudy

The center has the most advanced analytical and diagnostic equipment to perform the following tasks:

  • Scientific research and developmental work in the micro- and nanoelectronics field.
  • Diagnosis of micro- and nanostructures of electronics, nanomaterials, bio-organic nanoobjects.
  • Customized analysis of wide class of objects by the methods of:
      • Secondary ion mass spectrometry (IMS-4F)
      • TOF ion mass spectrometry (IONTOF SIMS5)
      • Scanning electron microscopy (Supra 40)
      • Electron and ion microscopy (Quanta 3D 200i)
      • Transmission electron microscopy (Tecnai G2 F20 U-TWIN)
      • High-resolution scanning probe microscopy (GPI-Cryo-SEM)
      • Probe microscopy (CMM 2000) and profilometry (Model 130)
      • Rutherford backscattering (K2MV)
      • Auger spectroscopy (PHI-660)
      • Infrared Fourier spectroscopy (IFS 113-v)
      • Diffractometry (ARL X'tra)
      • Raman spectroscopy (EnSpector RS-532)
    • Research and education services:
      • Providing the basic educational program "Electronics and
        nanoelectronics". The program is included in the RUSNANO register of educational
      • Improvement of professional skill of operators of analytical and technological micro-and nanoelectronics equipment. The program is included in the RUSNANO register of educational programs;
      • Support of special courses of individual educational programs.
      • Experimental support of term papers, graduation projects, master's and doctor’s theses.