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Scientific research work of the Centre

Design of high-performance solar cells:

  • сsolar cells on amorphous silicon with p-i-n structure,
  • solar cells on a porous silicon;

Next generation lithium-ion batteries design:

опытный образец

анод многослойный

anode - multilayer SiOx
  • design the positive electrode based on vanadium pentoxide;
  • design the negative electrode based on amorphous silicon and silicon-carbon nanocomposite.

The work is been implementing in cooperation with the Russian academy of sciences A.N. Frumkin Institute of Physical chemistry and Electrochemistry RAS (IPCE RAS). Patent protected

Design, manufacturing and experimental investigation of SiO2- based memory element with the silicon nanoclusters included:

тестовый чип

a)Test chip
b) 3x3 memory elements matrix

The work was performed in cooperation with Yaroslavl Branch of the Institute of Physics and Technology, Institution of Russian Academy of Sciences

Working out of technological foundations of producing model of silicon MOS SOI nanotransistors with topological less than 45 nm:

структура нанотранзистора

Nanotransistors structure at the stage manufacturing of spacers and forming the source and drain regions.

The work is been implementing in cooperation with Yaroslavl Branch of the Institute of Physics and Technology, Institution of Russian Academy of Sciences

Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) design

Чувствительный элемент кольцевого микрогироскопа

The ring gyroscope sensing element


Microactuator based on the isolated blocks. Can be used for gyroscope, two-dimensional microlens positioners, variable optical attenuators, optical switches, tunable capacitors, etc.

The work is been implementing by Yaroslavl branch of the IPT in collaboration with JSC "Ramenskoye Design Company"

Plasmalab 100

For futher works in the sphere of MEMS the device of plasma etch and deposition Plasmalab 100 purchased in 2011.

Plasma etch and deposition Plasmalab 100 device manufactured by Oxford Instruments

Study of morphology and phase composition transformation of nanoparticles from Vorotilovskay Deep Well, "nanobacteria" - like particles


Micrographs of calcium containing nanoparticles, mineral component of which at different stages of the compounds equals to:

а)  Ca(S2O3) • 6H2O & Ca (S2O6) - 1 stage

b)  CaCO3 - 2 stage (after 2 mounths)

c)  CaSO4 - 3 stage (after 1 year)

d)  diffraction pattern at the decoding stage  - 4 stage (after 14 mounths)

Morphological studies of the atherosclerotic lesions and calcification of vessels evolution


Different stages of atherosclerotic coronary artery lesions (length scale specified in microns) :

a) lipid accumulation (Лп) in the intima of arteries and narrowing of the clearance (П) due to thickening of the wall due to the active formation of collagen fibers and loosening ;

б) the migration of monocytes/ leukocytes (Мц) in the endothelium (Эн) of artery to the future centre of inflammation;

в) smooth muscle cells (Гмк), migrated into the intima from medial layer of the artery, are cells synthesizing collagen protein;

г) foam cells (Пк) in the space markers vnutriintimalnom possible formation of atheromatous focus in the wall of the vessel;

д) atheromatous lesions are characterized by deposits of cholesterol crystals (X) and migration of macrophages in this area (Мф), thinning of the fibrous cap (Фп) atheromatous plaques on the hearth and its permeability to cellular elements, in particular erythrocytes (Э) indicates propensity to rupture the wall plaques;

е) red thrombus on damaged portions formed fibrous cap forms resulting to additional narrowing or occlusion of the clearance.


Morphology of coronary artery calcification:

а, в, д petrification extensive atherosclerotic plaques in the foci of fibrosis, inflammatory foci and areas of thrombus formation, respectively;

б, г, е respectively petrification peripheral zones containing micro-and nano-sized particles of hydroxyapatite.

П - vesse clearance, Фп - fibrous cap, Ка - calcification, Кв - collagen fibers, Х - cholesterol crystals, Т - thrombus, Э - erythrocyte, Фв - fiber fibrin clot.